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Tata! Brings “Flava” to Your Table!

tata hot sauce

Tata Hot Sauce Emporium, is a new family business located at 219 Rexleigh Drive in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that produces fresh and organic hot sauces right in our shop where we also have a retail space as well. Our Tata hot sauce is made with traditional Caribbean scotch bonnet peppers or also known as habanero peppers.

What makes Tata different from other hot sauces?

First of all, Tata hot sauce is infused with your choice of Pineapple, Mango, or Papaya fruits all separately used in order to provide a different yet fun, exciting, and flavourful hot sauce experience. Moreover, Tata makes a milder hot sauce and or an extra hot hot sauce for each particular flavour. However, Tata hot sauce takes pride in the “Flava” that the hot sauce provides. It’s a type of hot sauce that you’ll enjoy the “Flava” more or as much as the heat content. As a result, Tata plans on providing the world with it’s innovative hot sauce that will enhance your meals ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And please don’t forget; Tata! Brings “Flava” to Your Table!

Odaine Davidson,
Tata Hot Sauce Emporium, Owner.

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tata hot sauce

Super friendly and welcoming, the owner is an absolute blast. Great little addition to the neighbourhood. He’s always got Beef Patties on hand and special foods on different days.

– John Burlie

tata hot sauce

Best soul food in all of east york!! Plus the owner is the most genuinely nice person you will ever meet. The food is truly blessed.

– Miriam Khan

tata hot sauce

Best jerk chicken sandwich in Toronto! Ask about the Super Deluxe. Smokey hot sauce is my favorite.

– Kevin Debidayal


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